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Created on 6th June 2014

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At the moment, two versions of C-GLORS are officially disseminated: C-GLORSv5 and C-GLORSv7. Version 7 contains improvements to the observation quality check, model configuration and higher vertical resolution, and it is the recommanded version, updated in near real-time. Note however that C-GLORSv7 covers the period 1990-2016, while C-GLORSv5 spans the period 1980-2015, therefore for longer timeseries from 1980 C-GLORSv5 is the reference version. Data from previous versions (C-GLORS v4) are still present in the ftp data server. For version 7, we also disseminate analysis and bias correction increments, plus the control run monthly mean data (i.e. the corresponding simulation without data assimilation), as well as ancillary files (geometry, forcing).


Four members of the CHOR historical reanalyses covering the XX century are available at the moment, their difference consisting in the atmospheric forcing and in the way SST data are assimilated:
CHOR_AS and CHORE_AS directly ingest in-situ SST data from ICOADS in the variational data assimilation scheme;
CHOR_RL and CHORE_RL implement an SST relaxation scheme towards HadISST analyses. CHOR_ reanalyses are forced by 20CRv2 from NOAA/CIRES, while CHORE_ from the ECMWF ERA-20C historical reanalysis. All of them assimilate hydrographic profiles from EN4. Relative merits of the two strategies for the SST data assimilation are discussed in:
Yang, C., Masina, S., Storto, A. (2016), Historical ocean reanalyses (1900-2010) using different data assimilation strategies, Accepted in Q. J. Roy. Met. Soc.

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